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With Aumhum, your dedicated mentor is personally invested in your success

Consistency can be hard.


That’s why your mentor knows more than your name – they know what makes you tick. They are  available via text, monitor your activity through Aumhum app, and proactively check in with you. 

So even on days when it feels it’s impossible to find motivation, you’ve got the support you need to push through

Meditation master, San Diego

Author of 'Just Be'

Customized Practice plans

Practice schedule designed specifically for you


Your meditations are built with human intelligence. Hand-crafted by your mentors — just for you.

Your mentors are the expert in your corner, tailoring your meditations and practices to your goals and needs to keep you going strong.

Not sure how to sit in a posture? Your mentor is there to explain. They tell you what food to eat, how long a gap between two practices you should maintain, and where to focus your attention for maximum effectiveness.


Experience the growth

Experience the growth which makes meditations an effortless activity, woven into the fabric of your life

How it Works

An Ashram Retreat Like Meditation Experience

Your Aumhum experience is fuelled by real meditation masters and yoga gurus – expert personal mentors who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.


Whether you’re a an experienced meditator or want to start meditating for the first time, Aumhum meets you where you are and keeps you moving forward.

Define Your Goals

Whether it is dealing with stress, managing anxiety, trying to focus, increasing productive or whatever else, start with what bothers you the most

Get a plan

Get a 3, 7 or a 21 day plan and daily support

Start with expert coaches or on your own

Grow under the guidance of expert mentors with a library of hand-picked guided meditations and sessions with experts

For mind, body & more

Everything you need

A wide variety of plans, courses and daily practices covering different types of meditations, breathing & much more

Student for life

Grow everyday

Explore the depth of meditation practices and work directly with teachers, masters and gurus, 1-on-1


Regularizes Your Practices

Get Active Feedback

Track Your Body

Guaranteed Value

How Aumhum stacks up against rest of the meditation world

I've really enjoyed the quality & real meditations on Aumhum 

—  Michael, Portland

Get mentors who guide you as you grow in your meditation.