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Overcoming Depression with Self-care during the Pandemic

A large part of the world is busy dealing with a deadly and infectious virus. It has caused millions of deaths; lakhs of people became jobless. This Covid-19 disease is a pandemic that has occurred in most countries all over the world. The spaces have become more suffocating, physically as well as mentally. Depression and anxiety are two epidemics that are spreading as quickly as forest fire across various nations and forcing a huge number of children, youngsters and even the elderly population to take their lives. Unfortunately, this epidemic is taken lightly and unaddressed by most people

A recent article that was published by the Times Of India revealed some shocking insights regarding the mental health status in India.

Some of its statistics are listed below:

  • Almost 15 crore people in India require mental health care interventions.

  • India is the world’s suicide capital with up to 2.6 lakh cases per year.

  • There are only 0.3 psychiatrists available in 1,00,000 people in India.

  • At least 70% are unable to receive psychiatric treatment owing to its expensive costs.

The above stats can be daunting, but these problems can be tackled. There is a ray of hope in such crucial times. Practicing self-care is the solution and need of the hour. It is as they say prevention is better than cure. So self-care (Which I explain more later) helps you remain sane and deal with things as they come.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care in simple words is deliberately indulging in all those activities that will make you healthier and happier. It is one of the remedies to cope with stress, anxiety and burnouts. It is a process of rejuvenating yourselves, being kinder and more compassionate to yourself. It is a necessary constraint to be mentally and physically strong.

“ It is so important to take time for yourself and find clarity. The most significant relationship is the one you have with yourself.”

- Diane Von Furstenberg

But, one of the biggest myth in the current times is the perception that self-care is a simple, wasteful task. We are just too busy with taking care of our families and commitments towards a profession, that we just don’t have time for ourselves. Plus, the pandemic of covid-19 and work from home practice has made it more challenging and complicated.

As such, there arises a necessity of a place, a community that will invest in the success of, fulfilment of your self-care goals. I found my answers at the Aumhum app.

Aumhum is a team of experienced professionals from fields of technology, care, sports, meditation, fitness and yoga; with a mission to make the community a healthier and wholesome place.

Aumhum app, provides a one-stop solution to all your self-care related issues. Aumhum is an outstanding result of collaborating the beauties of technology, access, sports and expertise. The goal is to build healthy and sustainable lifestyles and such mindsets where individuals can adapt to any situation that comes up and gradually develop.

Some of the tools you can use to keep your mind fit:

§ The best of meditation courses

This app consists of different meditation courses which are provided by renowned world-class meditation schools like Heartfulness. These courses can be accessed live online, pre-recorded tracks; as per the user. They are customised as per the requirement of the user.

The meditation courses on Aumhum include those from world-renowned masters such as Daaji and Suresh Ramaswamy The content consists of a series of masterclasses and practice timers. One gets the opportunity to connect with the mentors and learn under their personalized guidance.

§ A full-basket of mindfulness techniques

The app has a pool of breathing techniques like WHM, Pranayama which helps in increasing concentration. It has 1000s of short and long mindfulness programs that teach methods to manage stress, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

While one gets to hear the term mindfulness all around, Aumhum ensures that you get to experience everything mindfulness firsthand. Not intellectually but experientially.

§ Access to the Experts

The app has onboarded a vast kind of specialists that are always ready to help in tackling issues like relationships, sleep disorders, concentration mishaps, and so on. This includes meditation masters, yoga teachers, therapists, psychologists and coaches. A few expert driven plans on Aumhum include:

  1. Start Heartfulness with Daaji (Click here)

  2. Start Art of Being with Suresh Ramaswamy (Click here)

  3. Start Wim Hof Method with Shereen Yusuff (Click here)

  4. Start Mindfulness with Reenu Sahore (Click here)

§ Spiritual and Emotional Well-being

Aumhum has a team of best masters and renowned storytellers from all over the world to cater to the spiritual and emotional needs of the users. When not in the right frame of mind, one needs access to a community that lets them be. Aumhum spiritual guidance helps one find the necessary anchor when other things seem to be in a constant flux. On the emotional side, Aumhum is built to cater to your feelings. Whatever be your mood, Aumhum has something for you.

§ Guided Journals and Therapeutic Tools

The app has a self-diary mechanism in form of a journal where the users can easily express themselves, their thoughts without any biases and judgements. Journals range all the way from helping you heal the heart to 100s of anxiety management journals. therapeutic tools include music catering to your mood, routines to help you find sleep when you need it the most and breathing techniques to calm you down. This is augmented with escape music and stories to help you pass the tough phases whenever needed.

§ In the Language Tou Speak

Yes, you heard that right. The user can choose the language as per his or her comfort. This app is available in more than 30 languages worldwide. You can pick up local languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, etc. Even foreign ones like Russian, Mandarin, French, Nepali and so on. Isn’t that wonderful?

§ Safe, private and secure

The users' data is all encrypted and secure with its inbuilt robust privacy mechanisms. It's just you and the instructor. No one is out to judge you. Freely express yourselves. Put your heart out.

In these crucial times, Aumhum caters to all your psychological, spiritual, emotional needs seamlessly. It provides discovery of inner awesomeness. So, do you want your ultimate guide to holistic well-being; open Aumhum app and try it out for free.

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