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3 Harsh Truths of Yoga for Working Moms

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

As working moms, yoga is important because it gives us the chance to switch off, relax, and focus solely on ourselves.

In my experience, life as a working mom would be unmanageable without my yoga practice. When there are deadlines, meetings, overtime, play dates, school runs, and homework to keep up with, sometimes the thing we need to do most of all is nothing.

And by nothing, I mean yoga.

Let’s have a look at why yoga is so important for working moms, as well as some tips for finding the time to practice.

Why yoga is important for working moms

Harsh reality of yoga for working women


Yoga is an opportunity to still both the mind and the body in a world that can otherwise be very fast-paced. In my experience, practicing slower styles of yoga such as yin yoga and restorative yoga has offered me an incredible way to calm my nervous system, quiet my thoughts, and pay attention to exactly how my body feels.

Something for you

As a working mom, it’s common to feel as though everything you do is for somebody else. A lot of the time we’re either in the workplace or looking after our children, and that gets pretty tiring! By taking up a yoga practice, you’re committing to self-care. And by committing to self-care, you’re more able to thrive in every area of your life. This takes us onto our next point…

Your practice will expand into your life

A steady yoga practice has the benefit of improving your clarity in a huge way. You’ll be calmer in your home, more focused at work, and better equipped to deal with situations that you would normally find stressful. Welcome to a new you!

Tips for practicing yoga as a working mom

I know what you’re thinking…. “I work full time and I parent whenever I’m at home. How can I find the time to practice yoga and not feel stressed about it?”.

Here are three of my best tips for creating a yoga practice that fits in with your life and works for you.

1. Practice in the morning

Often, the early morning is the only time of day when we’re able to guarantee that we’ll have a few minutes to ourselves. If this means you need to set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to wake up before the kids and hop onto your mat, do it. I promise you it will be worth it. Why not try our 30-minute morning yoga class for the perfect way to start your day with possibility.

Here are some great tips to help you wake up earlier.

2. Experiment with different styles

What works for your friend might not work for you. And the style you thought was for you might actually make you feel more stressed. Take the time to experiment with different styles of yoga until you find something that suits your needs, helps you to love your body and makes you feel a whole lot more relaxed.

3. Have fun with it

Nobody practices yoga to feel more stressed! If the kids join you on your mat, go with it. If you don’t wake up early enough to practice, try meditating before bed instead. Grab whatever time you have to practice and enjoy it.

The takeaway

The only way to experience the benefits of yoga as a working mom is to start.

Why not learn the foundations of yoga in the 7-day beginners yoga course?

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