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Mina Tilakraj

Mina Tilakraj

Mumbai, India

Mina Tilakraj is a passionate storyteller, an Inner Power Optimizer and is a Travelism Expert. ”Join me on a journey of fantasyland” says Diva Mina as she shares those wonderful stories she grew up with while listening to her grandparents.  Widely travelled, well-read & well educated, “my most valued qualification besides all others, comes from L.I.F.E. – Living Institute of Firsthand Experiences'' - Claims Diva Mina, a seeker & an eternal student of LIFE.Truth, wisdom and knowledge are passed down through scriptures, arts & storytelling – the most popular medium. Everyone loves a good story. They create magic and take you on a journey of fantasyland. Stories inspire, lift up spirits & help to relax. They also teach us about life, about ourselves, about others & about the world.

Diva Mina grew up listening to stories from her grandparents. They are so fascinating that she chose to be a storyteller & enthrall her listeners by sharing her stories about the history, mythology, culture, people & the folklore of India. Diva Mina is such a passionate storyteller, loved by her listeners. She tells her stories with such vivid imagination, you become a part of each one as you listen to them. There are also nuggets of timeless ancient wisdom and practical contemporary learnings to be picked up from her stories.

Diva Mina has also been a pioneer of alternative education since 1983 onwards, doing talks & workshops on life skills and soft skills designed to enable one to meet one’s own ‘Absolute Inner Self’, through one’s ‘INNER POWER’ & enjoy the best and most of life on your own terms. Some of her topics are Effective Communication, Personality Plus, Emotions Vs Diplomacy, Gender awareness & sensitivity, Rise Above Challenges.

Her foremost mission is to inspire as many as she can, to value their Life, Body, Time and Nature. Her greatest thrill is when she makes people smile through their tears and they say "I did not give up because of Mina!"

Mina Tilakraj

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