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 333 Main St, 204, Redwood City CA 94063

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Meet The Team


Aviral Pandey

Founder & CEO

Meditation & Yoga practitioner, cyclist and triathlete, Aviral has buddies in the remotest parts of the world

Anumeha Pandey

Co-founder & COO

Meditation & Yoga practitioner, operator to the core 

About Us

Aumhum is a team of meditators. Meditations have traditionally had a secretive mysticism to them. The access to meditations was traditionally restricted to the close disciples of the enlightened beings. Aumhum helps demystify and make the meditations more accessible to different users.

As the newer generations use more of their mind than their body, mind related diseases and issues have become more prevalent. Regular practice of meditations helps keeping one mindful and free from many a disorders. Aumhum focusses on ensuring how the meditative practices can be incorporated into daily habits.

Contact Us

Write to us to get early access to Aumhum and Aumhum Studio

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